What We Experience

We share the untold stories of Asian-American experiences surrounding racism and societal pressures that are often overlooked in our communities. While we share similar experiences, all of our stories are unique. 

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ISSUE NO. 5: What We Experience - A Man's World


November 2021 BLOG POST:
Murakami for Me

by Eric Ma

   My father introduced Norwegian Woods to me. Having been an avid reader of Western literature in his teenage year, my father found solace in the surrealist nature of Murakami’s work. While I have heard much about the almost cult-like status of Murakami’s followers, my introduction to his short stories was through The New Yorker. They are — to me at least —much more personable; perhaps I can only enjoy his dream-like stories in short bursts.

   Haruki Murakami did not become a writer until 30 years old, when he wrote his first novel Hear the Wind Sing. He owned and operated a small jazz bar for many years, and this is immediately noticeable in most of his works...


Image Courtesy of LA Times

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